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Offering: IRA’s, Individual, Joint and Trust Accounts Management

Professional portfolio management for over 40 years.

Our track record mirrors the audited GSA 10 & 5 programs:

"From 2001-2016 the GSA-Top10 is

up 729.1% an average of

27.3% per year"

Our Specialty: Gold & Silver mining stocks

Trades placed through Interactive Brokers, Inc. In the U.S.

And, Aegis, Ltd. in New Zealand






Successful portfolio management dictates that at least 10-20% of your trading portfolio to be invested in mining stocks.

At Miller & Associates, we use the John Doody GSA 10 Gold Stock program, as well as the GSA-5 silver stock program. His record is second to none in the industry, and his results are even audited for confidence; no other advisory service can provide audited performance figures. And, no one in the industry has done this well.


"From 2001-2016 the GSA-Top10 is

up 729.1% an average of

27.3% per year"

As of 12/20/16, the Fave 5 Silver stocks, are up  43.7%,  year to date since 01/01/16

As of 12/28/16 GSA-Top 10 gold stocks, are up 30.0% year to date since 01/01/16

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For a limited time

all books purchased

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by the author!

comes with FREE 20-Page Special Report &

Two -Hour DVD


Kindle, Paperback books are available at the following link:

Telephone: (727) 564 9416 in the United States.

Email: Wallst101@hotmail.com

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We have been so successful with John’s picks, that your adviser wrote a best selling book about it. The Coming Gold & Silver Mining Explosion.

GSA 10, and the GSA 5 is the market's most respected and successful source of insight and guidance for gold & silver stock investors.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use their program yourself through a discount firm, or let us manage the GSA program for you (called our piggy-back program).


1. A laser-like focus on the 10 gold stocks with the greatest upside!

2. Market-leading performance — that's independently audited!

3. Simple, proven guidelines for investing!

4. Unequaled depth and quality of research and analysis!

5. Recognized independence and integrity!


About the adviser

John Miller is a Graduate of Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree In Public Administration. John served as an artillery army spotter-pilot post Viet Nam Era (serving in both Korea & the U.S). After military service, he began his career on Wall Street, working for many of Wall Street's top firms (Dean Witter, Interstate Securities  & Lehman Brothers).  After twenty years in the securities business, he started his own investment firm, Miller & Associates. The firm began operations in Florida, and subsequently relocated to Waiheke Island, New Zealand. John presently manages Miller & Associates in the United States, and NZ Trans Global Investments, in Auckland, NZ.

Besides advising clients, John moderates of the “Investment Club International. This is an Internet social, & educational investment club, with over 2,000 members worldwide, and is free. John writes a monthly newsletter for the club, and does his best to answer questions from the membership. He resides, with his wife Monica in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, and Hoi An, Vietnam.


Be sure to visit Amazon, Kindle and Audio books, and pick up, or download one his best selling investment books.

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