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Charles H. (Chuck) Coppes is the founder and president of IDP Consulting Group, LLC, an independent precious metals and consulting firm that assists clients with pension fund rollovers, commercial storage and physical delivery of precious metals.  With a business background in sales and marketing for almost forty years, he has been a licensed securities broker and a featured guest on local and national radio programs like Coast to Coast and Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells.

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Receiving full scholarship awards at his alma mater located in Phoenix, Arizona, he also served as Senior Class President from 1989-1990.  He is listed as a permanent member of the National Dean’s List and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1989-1990.  He also qualified as a contestant for the 8th Annual Milton Friedman National Economic Essay Contest sponsored by the Americanism Educational League in association with the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  He is a summa cum laude graduate with a degree in Christian Apologetics and Comparative Religions, and his articles have appeared in various publications. He is also the host of The Reckoning Hour, a monthly podcast on financial markets and current affairs, and he writes a free in-depth monthly newsletter for clients and international subscribers.  You can submit your name and email on the right sidebar to be added to his growing mailing list.


His book America’s Financial Reckoning Day was released in 2007 and warned about the coming subprime real estate crisis in 2008, unfunded liabilities of the baby-boom generation and existential threats from China and Russia as the US faces a monetary and political decline in the 21st Century.  His revised edition reflects minor changes with regard to leadership posts, debt figures and new developments like bank bail-ins and the war on cash.  The US has merely papered-over the Financial Crisis of 2008, and now we are in worse shape and still drifting towards a financial reckoning day.  His book provides an intriguing background of monetary history, macroeconomics and geopolitics that is prophetically shaping our world today along with helpful advice for contrarian investors.  For the baby-boom generation this is a serious wake-up call that domestic and foreign issues are converging to script the perfect financial storm that includes everything from sovereign debt, unfunded liabilities and derivatives exposure to an eventual currency collapse, bond defaults, hyperinflation and threats to our civil liberties.


As indicated by the book reviews contained on this website and Amazon, this book uniquely addresses “fiscal, political, historical, cultural and religious” issues that are “the most insightful and highly detailed.”  One reviewer said that this book “is to American economics what A Brief History of Time was to physics” and another added it is “the best practical guide on how to protect your finances” and also provides “the reader spiritual hope” in these uncertain times.  This was the goal of this comprehensive book covering a broad range of topics.  It’s not a book “for the faint of heart” or “superficial reader” as one reviewer said, because it contains “considerable detail” for the reader.  “Chuck writes with intensity and demands that the reader inter-act with the material in like manner,” said another reviewer. “I have never read a book that so insightfully combines geopolitical, financial and spiritual issues as does America’s Financial Reckoning Day.”


Mr. Coppes was raised in a small rural community in northern Indiana and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1969.  After serving in the military in the 1970s he returned to Phoenix and later enrolled in a local Community College with a major in economics.  After reading Hal Lindsey’s book, The Late Great Planet Earth in 1979, he became a born-again Christian and has dedicated his life to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and “the hope of eternal life” (Titus 3:3-7).  You can learn more about this good news and how you can have the certainty of having eternal life by clicking THIS LINK.  Chuck is a popular speaker at church functions, expos and conferences and currently resides in the high country of northern Arizona where he enjoys skiing, researching and writing.   For booking information please refer to our Media Kit Page that contains Chuck's Author Bio Sheet in PDF format.  For more information or consultation regarding his company and diversification with precious metals you can find out more at THIS LINK.

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