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If you would like to schedule Mr. Coppes for a radio interview you can request his book and Media Kit at the following address below.  For immediate access you can download his Media Kit at the links below and schedule an interview through his Contact Page. Due to heavy scheduling, Mr. Coppes prefers at least one or two weeks for advanced radio bookings and at least one month for scheduling Mr. Coppes to be a guest speaker at your church or special event.  Please see below.


Mr. Charles H. (Chuck) Coppes

IDP Consulting Group, LLC

20 E. White Mountain Blvd.

Building A-5 Suite 126

Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ 85929-6891

Media Contact Only: 1-855-860-6800, EXT 3


EMAIL:  [email protected]

Skype: Media.messenger

Media Kit & Booking Information



If you would to schedule Mr. Coppes to be a guest speaker at your church or special event you can contact his office at our Contact Page and a representative will get back with you immediately to share more details.  Mr. Coppes provides a comprehensive one-hour PowerPoint presentation based on his book material and current events with a valuable Question & Answer session to follow.  These venues are best presented within a church multimedia facility and are usually booked as an evening presentation to allow for convenience and maximum attendance.  A modest honorarium, travel and book shipping expenses can be arranged prior to the speaking engagement and you are invited to read the following testimonials from previous speaking engagements below.

Speaking Engagements


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Heard you on caravan to midnight.  Please send your free newsletters to me at my e-mail address above.  You are the BEST guest on ANY broadcast show I have ever seen or listened to.   Congratulations on your book!


Dr. Diann Taylor



I was so blessed by the talk and presentation of Mr. Coppes. I've never seen so many smiling and glowing faces after a lecture. Education is the key to our survival and without God the education is void of solid ground. Thank you for such a wonderful awakening and God bless Mr Coppes. May God bless America.


Carol Harmon



Really good information. I wish more people could have attended because it is information we should all become more educated about. Talk about a value this seminar was $10 and it has a much much greater value. Haven't read his book yet but based upon his presentation I suggest that everyone gets his book. Thanks for putting this together!


Tim Weigandt



This was a great briefing! I learned so much more than I ever expected - it was nice to hear some of this information from a Christian point of view.


Lucy Bremer



I thought Charles Coppes did a wonderful job of presenting the history and frightening future forecast for America. It was well worth my time...I learned a lot that evening and look forward to reading "America's Financial Reckoning Day".


Chris Harmon



Very timely, very informative, pulled everything that is going on into a congruent meaningful explanation. Thank you for bringing this excellent speaker.


Joy Sweeney



It was very informative, well presented, and scary. We are happy we attended.


Bill & Gail Wilson



Mr. Coppes shared a great deal of important information that should convience everyone we are being led by evil people and they plan to completely control our lives and individuality. We can and must return our government to the people this November.


Don Barker



The event was excellent. Mr. Coppes presented us with a lot of information that was very important and timely. His message helped us to get a perspective on what is happening in our country and around the world. He put the pieces of the puzzle together so that the average person can make sense of current events around the world and within our own country.


Catherine Maentanis


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