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When Bear Stearns fell and crude oil passed $100 per barrel in early 2008, I started reading the top-rated books about America's money meltdown, 27 of them and counting. Mr. Coppes' book is the indispensable one. America's Financial Reckoning Day (AFRD) is really three books in one. First, the bulk of the book is about history and economic developments. It has a broad range, much broader than other books, of topics and trends used to clearly illustrate the workings of America's quagmire. Yet despite such a broad scope, the reader is not overwhelmed or made to feel side-tracked. Instead Mr. Coppes has the ability to gather the nuggets of insight and key turning points, so that each topic is made clear and concise. The pace is quick, but effective. And there are plenty of references and footnotes should you want to drill down further on any of the subjects covered.  Secondly, AFRD is a book of spiritual hope. Most books on investing devote a chapter to the importance of emotional intelligence about money. Mr. Coppes explains the Christian perspective about money, power and prophecy with the same technique of using key points of insight and plenty of references. For some, Christian apologetics may be a paradigm shift. You can skip these parts because the rest of AFRD stands alone on its other merits. But for those interested, you will find the wisdom of the ages shedding light on the folly of financial intrigue.  Thirdly, AFRD is the best practical guide on how to protect your finances. No other book that I have found has the information needed for action that AFRD has. Where other books speak mostly in general terms, it appears that Mr. Coppes has opened up his rolodex, listed his favorite important websites and shown us his personal library, to an extent that others are not willing.  Mr. Coppes has a rare ability to synthesize knowledge and teach it in a way that is compelling for both beginner and expert. Albert Einstein said, "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Mr. Coppes has done it. I reserve the highest rating for America's Financial Reckoning Day.


Donald Langenbeck, Jr., MD



Seriously.... I started the book last Saturday morning and completed it over the weekend. This is not particularly an easy read as it is full of facts, history, statistics, quotes and references. How the author puts so much factual information together and is able to keep one’s attention I do not know, but he somehow presents very complex and critical truths in such a way that it is easy to digest and yearning for more. I could not stop reading it. Very enlightening and empowering with a refreshing Christian perspective of the world we live in, where we went wrong and what to expect in the near future. You will come away with a greater sense of understanding and preparedness and....even a stronger sense of hope. If you care about your family and loved ones and know things are bad economically and morally but don't quite understand specifically why you will find this book to be very informative and insightful. If you don't know much about the US economy, macroeconomics, central banking, the Federal Reserve System, the US Dollar, foreign and domestic policy... Mr. Coppes makes it easy to understand. If you have a strong background in the above you will still come away with many new insights, references and a greater overview. This is a great book to learn more about some very serious subjects. Once you understand how we got here and where we're going, you can then make better choices for your future. With a better understanding comes a better plan and personal direction. With a better plan and sense of direction and purpose....peace and confidence. I came away feeling enlightened, stronger, and more resolute. Highly recommended.


Art Bauer



What Charles Coppes has accomplished in his book America's Financial Reckoning Day is to bring the reader face to face with the two things that Americans today do not want to hear.


1) Truth. This nation is in deep trouble, morally, politically and financially. We have strayed far from the guiding principles found in our Constitution and in the document that the framers used to guide its writing - the Bible. There are practical ways to prepare for what is coming if one has the "eyes to see and ears to hear." The reader is left with a choice - continue processing information from the mainstream media through what may be a very broken grid - or rework their grid to accept the truth presented.


2) Consequences. The result of our ignorance and apathy has con-sequences. If this nation had heeded the warnings in this book when it was first released, we may have been able to avoid some of the difficult times which are dead ahead. Sadly, it is too late now. Our nation's experiment with central banking, elite money changers, debt as a means toward "growth" and politicians who only understand the next election cycle - that experiment is coming to an end. What happens in the next 3 to 5 years will determine what kind of world our children and grandchildren live in:  Freedom or slavery. Liberty or tyranny. Moral or debauchery.


Truth sometimes hurts. Especially when we have for so long been willfully ignorant. Consequences must be faced at some point. Deal with reality or it will deal with you. This book helps paint the picture of what reality is so that you CAN deal with it.


Doug Tjaden



Chuck provides a sobering overview of America's financial predicament along with an accurate analysis of how we got to this point and what steps we can take as individuals to ride out the coming economic storm. I highly recommend his book!


Gary H. Kah 



We all work so hard for it. We carry it around in our wallets. We pay for goods with it. Do we really understand what it is and what it's real value is? This book provides a history of our Fiat currency and how it continues to lose value as our national debt increases and investors turn to stronger economies. America is heading towards a collapse in the bond market and an economic downturn unlike anything the Baby-boomers, Gen X and Millennials have ever experienced. The really sad realization is that we Americans keep voting in the same elitist Technocrats that took our currency off the gold standard, racked up the debt, and continue to distract us with sports, TV and Hollywood movies; anything to make us believe all is well and to keep us from "looking behind the curtain" at who is really running this country. Mr. Coppes’ book is incredibly important and might just save you from losing your hard earned investments when America faces it's Financial Reckoning Day. I recommend you buy several copies for your loved ones and friends.


Colleen Gordon



This book is not a curl-up-on-the-couch-and-sip-Chai-tea type of endeavor. Chuck writes with intensity and demands that the reader interact with the material in like manner.  I have never read a book that so insightfully combines geopolitical, financial and spiritual issues as does America's Financial Reckoning Day.  To say that it is a "must read" or "highly recommended" is a gross understatement.  Mr. Coppes' emphasis on preparing spiritually for America's Financial Reckoning Day sets him apart from most authors. This is an excellent work; one not to be missed.


Robert G. Herman



What a fantistic book! When I first started reading the book I started to think Mr. Coppes was an off the wall nut job but then his words and the power of his words drew me in deeper and deeper into his ideas. I am an easy-going, mellow, slow, low key Christian. I am a lazy Christian. Mr. Coppes is a very intense Christian who believes in fire and hell and Jesus might come again soon. He might be right. Jesus could come tomorrow or 1,000 years from now. I don't know and I am not concerned about when. I am concerned about now. I am concerned about paper money, government debt, trade, social security, Medicare falling apart, crime, peak oil and my kids future. Mr. Coppes is a very, very smart cookie and knows a lot about these subjects I care about. Some readers might be put off by his intense Christianity. Don't be. Most people go buy books in which they know they agree with before they read it. Conservatives don't go buy liberal books, liberals don't go buy books by conservative writers. They want to read something that will support ideas that they already have. Challenge yourself and read Mr. Coppes’ book. It will make you think. It will challenge your ideas and give you tons of other references to check out. Most excellent in a strange kind of way!


Keith Renick



Finally, someone has written a book which not only exposes the realities and dangers of America's monetary system but which also addresses the inevitable ramifications through the context of the Bible!  If you take your financial stewardship responsibilities seriously, then you will want to pick up a copy; it's a must-read for believers and non-believers alike.  The documentation of sources was outstanding and the analysis was very sound.  Chuck is giving this country a much-needed wake-up call while at the same time offering strategies for protecting you and your loved ones from an impending financial crisis.  Thank you, Chuck.  This book is a welcome addition to my library.


Jeff Tolle



What a fascinating book on the financial crisis that is facing America! This book was well written and very well researched. I could not put the book down and I read it in one sitting.


Pastor Wayne E. King



I read this book with excitement and awe. The work is well researched, with very elaborate references from other works of great brains and I recommend it to every American and every Christian around the globe interested in discovering the truth about the prophetic unfoldings of the end times. Mr. Coppes has performed an amazing feat. His powerful story telling blended with deep theological and historical backing and current happenings have been painted in simple language for all to understand. It is a must read for every 21st century pastor who wants to teach and inspire his membership about the eminent global instability and the last day’s agenda of the Most High God!


Pastor Michael Joseph Gowon, Nigeria



Thank you for your kind letter and for giving me a signed copy of your book, America's Financial Reckoning Day.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and will make it a part of my personal library. 


Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr.



I have read America's Financial Reckoning Day and I highly recommend it!....What really sets this financial book apart from others is the GOOD NEWS the author offers.  After presenting much sobering economic information and a way to protect one’s assets, Mr. Coppes provides the best news of all!  He tells us clearly how we can have inner peace and hope for the future in spite of what may happen financially and how we can each be spiritually prepared for the future.   This alone is worth the price of the book!


Fred H. Sands



Having recently completed Mr. Coppes' excellent handling of precisely where America is heading financially (and otherwise to some degree), it is strongly suggested that completely irrespective of party affiliation, a sit-down session with this book is in order…. Well explained, in profuse historical detail, AND with replete references, you will learn what goes on behind the scenes of American economics, as well as in-depth detail on why (and because of whom) we have landed, economically, at the current precipice to which few refer, especially Wall Street. This no-nonsense exposition, written plainly for any reasonably intelligent American, patriotic layman will connect many of the dots referencing WHY the seemingly disjointed economic news we hear simply doesn't make much sense....Chapters dealing with the European model for central banking, from where the Federal Reserve REALLY came from, the global realignment of world power and planning/investing wisely in a transitory and uncertain world round out the gist of this excellent "documentary", really, on global economics that will certainly affect you and me.  Not for the faint of heart that wants the real truth, nor for a superficial reader; i.e., considerable detail. Your country, your money, your future.


John Lewandoski



Excellent book but do expect to be educated and…heart broken.


Rose Jacobson



I just finished reading your book America’s Financial Reckoning Day.  I found it to be both sobering and hopeful, and the right prescription for Americans who are concerned about their financial future and about the all-important final days that are upon us. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and extensive knowledge of finances and of Scripture. I learned a great deal about the history of money and banking and about the origins of our fiat money system today. I also learned more about Scripture passages that relate to the end times. Mr. Coppes, thank you again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom through your latest book. I will share it with my friends and relatives.


Francis J. Cizmar



This wonderful work of lucid reasoning and elegant elaboration is quite an adventure and education. Of the many books written about this timely issue, this one may be the most insightful and highly detailed.


P. Lowe Jones



I purchased several books on America's financial situation - this book was the best. This book gives you a very thorough understanding of the history (details, dates and persons), whereas the other books spoke in generalities (i.e. "The New Economic Disorder").  Also, you get your money's worth because of font sizing, page size and the amount of pages (whereas the other books had larger fonts and smaller pages and fewer pages).


L. Paggeot



About one year ago, I purchased your fine book, America's Financial Reckoning Day….Today, I began a reread of your excellent book and it makes so much more sense to me now. Once again, thank you for your outstanding book and the wise advice you are willing to provide to those of us who seek it.


Rene Funkhouser




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